Ogmore Vale Forest Wall Repairs

Fantastic opportunity for a long contract repairing a forest wall near Ogmore Vale – thanks to Ken for the introduction.  A hundred metres of repairs this year – cracking on.

The old wall is beautiful and the surrounding area on a cold and misty morning.

Success meeting LANTRA L2 Intermediate Dry Stone Wall & Instructor qualification

Great to be qualified L1 and L2 thanks to Ken Young, John Broadhead, Kath Wright, Alan Jones and DSWA support of Brian, John, Richard – financed in part by Welsh Government


Whacked after seven hours in the pouring rain I was accredited at LANTRA L2 Intermediate and as Instructor.  That’s 2.5m x 1.2m dry stone wall with cheekend, stripped down and rebuilt in 7 hours – a total of 5 tons of stone shifted – on your own. Assessed by Andrew Loudon and Sally Hodgson from England, meeting the rigorous DSWA/LANTRA qualification run by DSWA Welsh Branch in Libanus near Brecon on 16.09.2018.